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Healthy Living

Growing garden quality vegetables, fruits, and tomatoes is at the core of what we do. And there's more. Explore these ways that we're striving to help you and your family eat healthier and live better. Daltex works with thousands of health professionals, with an emphasis on supermarket dietitians, to advocate for increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in "All Forms." Daltex is proud to be a Fruit and Veggies More Matters Champion.

Benefits of Pesticides and Crop Protection Chemical

Crop protection technology-which includes all pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, as well as biotechnology products --helps control the thousands of weed species, harmful insects and numerous plant diseases that afflict crops.
Without these important crop protection and pest control technologies, U.S. food production would decline, many fruits and vegetables would be in short supply, and the price of food would rise. What's more, America's production of important fibers for clothing, such as cotton, would decrease as farmers would lose their harvests and livelihoods to crop pests and diseases.
Learn more about the major benefits of pesticides and their role in food production:

- Increase food production - Crop protection technologies allow U.S. producers to increase crop yields and efficiency of food production processes. Up to 40 percent of the world's potential crop production is already lost annually because of the effects of weeds, pests and diseases. These crop losses would be doubled if existing pesticide uses were abandoned.

- Decrease the cost of food - Because the use of pesticides improves crop yields, crop protection technologies also impact the cost of food. Without crop protection chemicals, food production would decline, many fruits and vegetables would be in short supply and prices would rise. Helping to keep food prices in check for the consumer is another large benefit of pesticides.

- Consumer benefits – Pesticides allow consumers to consume high-quality produce that is free of insect blemishes and insect contamination. Crop protection chemicals that reduce and, in some cases, eliminate, insect damage allow the consumer to purchase high-quality produce free of insect fragments.