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Quality is an integral value to all Daltex operations. It is a viable player in all planting, harvesting, packing, storage and shipping processes and activities in all grown crops in all of Daltex multiple farms, all corps are grown under full crop management system. As such, recruitment, training and continuous development of quality control and assurance teams in all of its farms overlooking the quality aspects of all crops. Furthermore, those teams have members to supervise the traceability and documentation processes for each crop beginning from seeds plantation through all agricultural activities of irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, harvest, sorting, sizing, packing, storage and shipment; this allows the instant access to all final products’ history back to the field level. Special test analysis is carried out at ISO 17025 certified labs for pesticides, microbiology, chemicals, heavy metals in order to assure the acceptance of the final exported product prior to shipment to the customers. Traceability is fully controlled with the latest Muddy Boots traceability system that can track each piece from source to its end consumer.